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Do you require catering services for your next party? Look no further than Hudson's Famous party catering company Melbourne. With Hudson's Famous party catering service and all inclusive party catering packages, you can spend more time with your guests while they enjoy mouth watering canapés, BBQs, Buffet Dining or a full sit down dinner all taken care of by our expert party catering team.

Whether it's a small party or a large event, you'll want to ensure that your night is handled with the professionalism and style which has made Hudson's Famous, well - famous!

Our Melbourne party catering packages can include;

  • delicious finger food and canape selections.
  • BBQ catering packages
  • Buffet catering menu
  • Sit Down Dinner Packages
  • Delicious sweets & decedant desserts
  • Everything is meticulously made, using only the freshest ingredients
  • Full service catering / professional staff onsite
  • We can provide everything you need to make your event a success

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Not Just Food!

In addition to our spectacular party catering service, we offer our clients, glassware, table settings, a DJ or band, flowers, linen—even marquees. We are about creating the best overall experience for your event. You'll be stretched to find another party catering company in melbourne who can deliver the same level of excellence. We are also a leading wedding catering & corporate catering company and we can assist with venue hire as well.