Cakes and Tart catering

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Created fresh daily by our in-house pastry chef.

Our selection of cakes and pastries are perfect for morning, afternoon tea, office birthday celebrations, Corporate events or just a simple treat to take home.

For extra special events, we can provide a plaque with a special message and candles. Large cakes for big groups and lots more. Ask for a quote today.

  • Candles


    $4.50 / set
  • Cupcakes


    $4.80 each
  • Lamingtons


    $7.50 / serve
  • Individual Tarts

    Individual Tarts

    $7.90 / serve
  • Individual Cakes

    Individual Cakes

    $7.90 / serve
  • Individual Cakes GF

    Individual Cakes GF

    $8.50 / serve
  • Personalised chocolate plaque

    Personalised chocolate plaque

    $8.50 each
  • 9-inch Round Cake

    9-inch Round Cake

    $65.00 each
  • 9-inch Round Tart

    9-inch Round Tart

    $65.00 each
  • 11-inch Round Cake

    11-inch Round Cake

    $75.00 each
  • 11-inch Round Tart

    11-inch Round Tart

    $75.00 each
  • 12-inch Round Cake

    12-inch Round Cake

    $80.00 each
  • 10-inch Square Cake

    10-inch Square Cake

    $80.00 each
  • 12-inch Round Tart

    12-inch Round Tart

    $80.00 each
  • 12-inch Square Cake

    12-inch Square Cake

    $95.00 each
  • 14-inch Square Cake

    14-inch Square Cake

    $130.00 each