Gluten Free catering

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Hudson’s Famous offers an entire menu dedicated to our Gluten Free customers.

From breakfast through to your late lunch or dinner, the choices are endless. All made in house, plated and labeled separately for delivery, your Gluten Free guests will not feel left out of choice or taste.

Just ask about our huge range of Gluten Free options available.

  • Friands GF

    Friands GF

    $3.70 each
  • Sweet or Savoury Gluten Free Muffins

    Sweet or Savoury Gluten Free Muffins

    $5.20 / serve
  • Cupcakes GF

    Cupcakes GF

    $5.50 each
  • Coconut Macaroons GF

    Coconut Macaroons GF

    $6.50 / serve
  • Amaretti GF

    Amaretti GF

    $6.50 / serve
  • Housemade Individual Quiches

    Housemade Individual Quiches

    $6.80 each
  • Fruit Selections

    Fruit Selections

    $6.90 each
  • Individual Cakes GF

    Individual Cakes GF

    $7.50 / serve
  • Slices GF

    Slices GF

    $7.50 / serve
  • Scones GF

    Scones GF

    $7.50 each
  • Lamingtons GF

    Lamingtons GF

    $7.50 each
  • Soup


    $8.90 / serve
  • Friands Trio GF

    Friands Trio GF

    $9.50 each
  • Gluten Free Sandwiches or Wraps

    Gluten Free Sandwiches or Wraps

    $11.90 / serve
  • Lunch Buddha Bowls

    Lunch Buddha Bowls

    $12.50 each
  • Small Fruit Box

    Small Fruit Box

    $49.00 each
  • Large Fruit Box

    Large Fruit Box

    $79.00 each