Shared Feast

Vegetarian & Vegan Shared Feast

  • Includes Event Planner, Chefs and Event Supervisor + Wait staff for up to 5 hours, Sample Tasting, Equipment, Table Settings and Gst.
  • Linen by request
  • Minimum of 30 guests


  • Zuchini Rollups with asparagus and Vinegared Rice V GF
  • Polenta Chips with Basil leaf and Tomato Relish V GF
  • Kale pesto and cauliflower mini pies V


  • Heirloom tomato salad, with cold pickled cucumber, fried capers and Parmesan crisps V GF
  • Charred Finger Eggplants with Tahini drizzle V GF
  • Heirloom roasted carrots with truffle vinaigrette V GF DF
  • Roasted pumpkin with dukkah and Persian feta V GF


  • Hand made gnocchi romaine w tomato sugo, chilli, goats cheese & basil oil V
  • Moroccan braised eggplant with green olives and saffron V GF DF
  • Lentil Shepherds Pie with Cauliflower Mash V GF DF


  • Honeyed Roast beetroot, goats cheese, frisee salad V GF
  • Charred cauliflower, pomegranate and almond salad with tahini dressing V GF
  • Buttered risoni w chilli, broccoli & garlic V
  • Crushed new potatoes with sea salt, capers and roasted garlic V GF DF
  • Artisan Bread Rolls


  • Vegan choc coconut balls
  • Polenta, lemon, rosemary and olive oil cakes
  • Vegan dark chocolate brownie

Our chefs and caterers can provide these for events and functions across Melbourne.

Quantity     @ $82.50 per person (minimum 30)

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